Bowler Eggs

Cloud Software Development 2011-2016

Bowler Eggs approached Greendog to modernise their 20 year old internal software, and make it fit for purpose for today’s mobile and remote working staff. Their old software was Microsoft Access based, and ran their entire business critical operations, managing their entire supply chain, finance processing and delivery reporting.

Bowler Eggs are a multi-million pound franchise of free range egg production, and as such the processes and solutions required to manage these services are both very specialist and unique.

Greendog worked very closely with the business’s IT department in scoping and delivering their requirements to produce a cloud based, mobile optimised supply chain management system built in the latest technologies to ensure this new platform would be continually adaptable for their ambitious plans in the future.

Core technologies in this project included MVC, C#, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, SQL Data Storage, Service Bus, among others, to deliver a project that included features such as Single Sign On, Multi Tenancy, Inter System data synchronisation, Background Process Management, Queued and Scheduled system operations and many others.