Employee Scheduling & Engagement App

iOS & Android

We developed an Android and iOS app for their employees to use, to ease management and scheduling. One of the most notable features of the app is the “Shift Marketplace”; which allows employees to add their shifts to a marketplace, where other employees can request to take these shifts.

The full feature set of the app allows the client’s employees to:

View their schedule

View store schedules

Request time off

Add their shift to a shift marketplace

Request shifts from the shift marketplace

Manage their personal details

Receive messages from management

The app itself will be used by the client’s employee’s globally (roughly 250,000-300,000 users).  This meant, lots of devices and languages.

Mobile App Technology

We developed the Employee App using Cordova and the Ionic Framework. This allowed us to build the app in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so it could run within the browser as well as iOS and Android devices.

The solution uses the following external services:

Google Maps – for plotting store location onto a map with search functionality

Azure Push Notification Services – To enable push notifications to iOS and Android devices