April 12, 2016

8 ways mobile technology can improve managing off site employees

Have you ever worried about the safety or whereabouts of a co-worker? If you work in the construction industry then you are probably familiar with how seriously health and safety is taken, but sometimes the process of tracking workers can be very difficult.

Accident reporting by mobile

This is where mobile technology is helping to transform the way businesses operate by dropping old paper based processes for mobile friendly methods.

After an accident, drivers look for a smooth reporting process but are met with the complications of filling out forms and finding old insurance documents. However, mobile apps are starting to make this process easier:   

  1. Ease of access: Access all policy information on your mobile so you can quickly submit an accident claim.
  2. Better clarity: Take photos of accidents with your mobile and then upload to an accident reports app for better clarity.
  3. Capture the geolocation: Track the location of the accident directly from your mobile device for tow truck and medical assistance, as well as for documentation.
  4. Get instantly notified: Receive push notifications with updates and estimated times of arrival for your towing trucks and replacement cars.

Delight your employees

“Almost two thirds (63 per cent) of people who use apps at work report that their favourite mobile app tools save them time” (Webexpenses). 

Here is how some of your workers may respond to the use of mobile technology

  • “Mobile technology enables me to store all my insurance documents on my phone so that if I have an accident they can be easily accessed.”
  • “I was able to use my mobile device to quickly access the location of my accident and reach medical assistance.”

Health and Safety alerts

The BBC predicts that there are now 4.2 million people working remotely. For the most part this helps businesses to improve productivity, but what is also provides is a communication challenge, which spells trouble in the construction industry where the health and safety of workers is of paramount interest to an organisation. Health and safety alerts are now built into mobile apps to improve communication between managers and remote workers, this leads to:    

5. Communication is easier: Workers can check in to work by mobile and report updates, which saves email communication and allows managers to respond quickly to accidents

6. Improved security: Working on a construction site can be dangerous, so having mobile technology at hand saves phone calls and instantly notifies managers.

Delight your managers

Here is how your managers may respond to using mobile technology:

  • “Health and safety alerts help to keep everyone in the loop and allow us to quickly respond if workers have had an accident
  • I feel much more secure working in challenging environments, knowing that my manager can be alerted if there is any danger

Maintenance made easy

Maintenance professionals spend countless hours doing manual reporting work, updating equipment tag numbers and contact details. Mobile technology helps vehicle and building maintenance workers to create customisable reports and maintenance schedules.    

 7. Track by location: Mobile technology enables you to view a log of all equipment and filter by location and status.

 8. Go back to saved records: View the history of records easily, whether you are working at a laptop or by mobile.

Delight your employees

Here is how some of your maintenance professionals may respond to the use of mobile technology: 

  • “Mobile technology helps me to keep track of workers equipment while I’m on the move, saving me from relying on my desktop”
  • “Mobile apps enable me to create and store reports easily, rather than relying on paper documents”