April 18, 2016

How digital technology can aid field service management

How would you feel if the company you worked for started offering unlimited holidays and flexible shift patterns? This is what Derby based accountants Cooper Parry has recently offered its employees.

This modern way of thinking is starting to be adopted by firms as a way to tackle growing internal communication problems and to improve field service management. These issues are particularly relevant in shift based jobs where there is often dissatisfaction over holidays and shift entitlement.  So how can mobile technology resolve the communication barriers between managers and employees?

Managing is easier by mobile

“Mobile technology has made it so easy for us to communicate effortlessly across great distances…” Richard Branson

As a busy manager, it can be difficult to manage, communicate and keep track of your workers schedules on a regular basis. To tackle this problem, we are now seeing shift planning mobile apps being used in the workplace to break the communication barriers at work and to improve:

  1. Monitoring of workers: Managers can quickly find out when employees are working, without having to refer to paper based schedules.
  2. Managing shifts: Schedules can be viewed on mobile at anytime which makes updating and tracking shifts easy.
  3. Communication: Without the reliance on email, mobile technology provides the most portable platform for workers to communicate on and keep track of schedules.
  4. Time-sheet Management: Time sheets can get stolen or lost easily, but security is much better by mobile.

Delight your Managers

  • “Almost two thirds (63 per cent) of people who use apps at work report that their favourite mobile app tools save them time” (Webexpenses). Here is how some of your workers may respond to the use of mobile technology:
  • “It’s so convenient to be able to check my schedule at anytime on my iPhone”
  • “Mobile apps save me from having to use my desktop to make changes to my schedule”
  • “This app enables us to clock in/out and add shift notes from the field, which saves a lot of time”

Helping shift workers to be more organised

“According to the BBC there are now 4.2 million people working remotely”

Workplace communication can be challenging with so many people working away from their desk, but mobile technology is helping to improve communication and reducing the need for email.  Notifications on mobile phone apps are particularly useful for workers to remind them when their shifts and holidays are. They enable shift workers to:

    5. Clock lunch breaks on the move or from any location

    6. Quickly find shifts with search, filtering and labels

Delighting your off site employees

Here is how some of your workers may respond to the use of mobile technology: 

  • “By using mobile apps I can check when my shifts are without having to log in to a desktop or read a paper based schedule”
  • “I can now easily log my lunch breaks from any location by using my mobile”