April 20, 2016

How vehicle management is changing through mobile technology

Managing a fleet involves making sure that everyone across an organisation is in the loop and working together. This is no easy task when you consider the numbers of people involved with a fleet and the varied nature of vehicle management.

In the 21st century we are more connected to each other than before and this is making communication easier for businesses. Many businesses rely on workers to keep records of their work, which when being calculated manually can often lead to inaccuracies. Mobile technology enables fleet drivers to save time in adding up totals and leads to much more accurate records. Here are some further ways that mobile apps help companies to boost productivity and efficiency:

Support your fleet managers

  • Save on repair costs: Mobile apps help fleet managers to keep records of repairs and maintenance to their fleet. Many apps also allow you to record and compare fuel costs and gas mileage for all vehicles.
  • Improved fleet tracking: A tracking app can show you the location of every vehicle in your fleet and show real time driving routes. Drivers can share trips on Facebook, twitter and Google Maps/Earth which makes the process of communication between manager and drivers easier.
  • Removing old hat practices: Using mobile apps spares you the time of submitting data into spreadsheets and the headache of having to find multiple documents.

Delight your Managers

“Almost two thirds (63 per cent) of people who use apps at work report that their favourite mobile app tools save them time” (Webexpenses). Here is how some of your workers may respond to the use of mobile technology 

  • “I use mobile tracking apps to keep updated on the location of my fleet. This makes the communication between drivers and myself easier as we always have our mobiles on us.”
  • “I can instantly update changes to my fleet on mobile, rather than having to open up my laptop to edit spreadsheets.”

Support your busy drivers

Each driver in a fleet has the responsibility to accurately update vehicle and mile tracking documents. But, when under time pressure it becomes difficult for drivers to edit documents without making mistakes, and so mobile apps can help to support this process.

  •  Carrying less heavy equipment: Mobile usage is much more convenient for drivers than having to carry around bulky laptops.
  • Updating mileage easily: Mobile technology makes it easier for you to access and update your mileage reports. Information can be recorded directly on your phone, without the need for paper.
  • Saving printing costs: An optional way to report on the condition of your vehicle without having to fill in a form or having to return paperwork.

Delighting your fleet drivers

Here is how some of your workers may respond to the use of mobile technology: 

  • I have never been very accurate at calculating mileage, so mobile apps are really helpful for ensuring I don’t make mistakes.”
  • “Vehicle inspection reports are really easy to fill in by mobile, saving me the time of updating spreadsheets”