June 28, 2016

Greendog injects a new lease of life into injection moulding company

Greendog recently provided rebranding and web design services for injection moulding company IMM Technical Ltd.

It was important for IMM Technical to achieve a modern identity and to appeal to new customers with a website which was mobile responsive.

Particular focus was placed on making the website more human, with new photos demonstrating the type of work undertaken by IMM. Customised forms with varied fields were also added to the pages to help IMM Technical receive more specific information from their customers and therefore better serve their requirements.

The new IMM Technical logo

The IMM Technical logo was deemed to be a bit dated and so Greendog worked to produce a more relevant and industry specific version (below right). The overlapping ‘M’s’ were designed to look like a drip from an injection moulding machine.

Laura Parry, Creative Services Manager at Greendog said:

“We thoroughly enjoy working for such a diverse range of clients and believe we have created a new brand identity and website which will reflect the work that IMM Technical do”

IMM Technical was founded in 2000 by Andy Roberts and helps customers gain maximum productivity from their injection moulding machines with minimal downtime. They provide a range of specialist services, including machine maintenance, machine repairs and breakdowns, installation and commissioning, certified calibration and consultancy.

Before work began, Andy Roberts, Director at IMM Technical Ltd said:

“We are happy to be working with such a friendly, professional company as Greendog. We need a brand and a website that will take us to the next level and I am confident that with Greendog’s track record, they are the people to do it.”

See the new website here or the full photoshoot between IMM Technical and Greendog