• September 18, 2017

    iOS 11 – a big step forward for productivity on iPad

    Apple has developed a revolutionary new iOS update, which will be available tomorrow, September 19th. For iPad users, this means work can be completed much faster and easier than ever before. This could be a massive step for businesses, if they decide to utilise this opportunity. Tablets can be extremely useful in terms of their portability and access to new apps, something that a fixed PC can’t achieve.

    iOS 11 on iPad

    Multi-tasking is the way forward…

    The update, iOS 11, could create an exponential rise in productivity, as workers can complete tasks quickly and efficiently. A new feature has been added to the iPad that promotes multitasking. Tablets can now use Split View, where two apps can share the same screen, this enables users to work quickly without having to constantly switch back and forth, from one app to another. Without Split View, working on the iPad becomes time-consuming, as the user has to switch between apps frequently, so it is no surprise that most users prefer computers over tablets for work; but now that barrier has been lifted, so businesses should be looking to the iPad as the technology to use, especially with the ever-growing number of beneficial apps.

    iOS 11 on iPad

    New Files Management

    With the App Store entirely redeveloped and new apps and features added, app usage has been made 100% more useful. The iPad now has a Files app, which means that all files on the iPad and on the iCloud drive, Dropbox, and other similar sharing spaces can be viewed in one place. Before iOS 11, there was no way to access the files stored on the iPad. The Tags system makes it simple to find and group relevant files together and the drag and drop feature allows for text, photos, or files to be moved from one app to another with the swipe of a finger. Work can now be shared effortlessly and files can be accessed anywhere on the portable iPad.

    Easily Scan Documents

    An interesting new feature introduced in this upcoming update is the Document Scanner. The iPad senses and scans a document, cropping it and ridding it of tilt and glare. Then the Apple Pencil can be used to sign it or fill in blanks. The document can then be saved and shared easily. iOS 11 makes it easy to share and connect files between devices and speed up productivity, making it worthwhile to complete work on a tablet.

    iOS on iPad

    The New Docking Area

    The bottom line of apps, the Dock, has been changed so that it mimics that of the Mac. Any number of apps can be added to it and it’s available from any screen, making it quicker to change which app you are using. The Dock also changes as you work, suggesting apps at the right of the screen, like recently used apps on the tablet, or other connected iOS devices. You can customise the Dock with your most important and useful apps, helping to speed up your work.

    Mix it up…

    There will always be things that computers can do that tablets simply can’t, because of the limitations of touchscreen compared to the precise nature of a keyboard and mouse. However, the new iOS update shows us that movement is being made towards closing the gap between laptops and tablets, in terms of use and productivity. Maybe the way forward isn’t either exclusively through either tablets or computers, but when computers and tablets are used together, enabling effective work to be completed.

    By Nicole Howlett

    Greendog Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development

    Greendog develop a range of mobile app solutions. Working with local business and global brands, we help companies unlock the power of mobile technology to help improve customer engagement, reduce operational costs and much more.

  • June 12, 2017

    Business Mobile App Event Roundup

    Thank you for all who attended our morning on “How mobile technology will change the business world”. We had a great time sharing upcoming technologies and our thoughts on how businesses are still very well poised to take advantage of this platform. Here’s a quick roundup of what we shared.

    First off…can you imagine a world without apps?!

    First up, Jonathan shared with us a quick overview of the state of the union…

    1997 – business start to embrace the internet
    2007 – the birth of the iphone, businesses are using the internet in more engaging ways
    2017 – how businesses are poised now to use mobile technology in a new way

    Greendog Mobile App Event

    Adam then led us through some real world examples of how a range of different business are using mobile technology in an innovative way. We heard from:

    Len Simmons – COO of Safe Shop (Retail Health and Safety App)
    Chris Simpson – CEO of Interactive Coding  (Printer Support App)
    Work Wallet (Employee Engagement App)

    Greendog Mobile App Event

    Our final thoughts then, on “How mobile apps will change the business world”. As we see it, the technology is here to start impacting greater efficiencies within businesses. We’re all quite familiar with using apps from a consumer perspective, and how businesses engage at a B2C level has become commonplace.

    Where the continued value in 2017 and beyond will be, is the review of internal business operations, and looking at them in a fresh way, with all the possibility that the mobile platform can bring.

    With a fresh pair of eyes, we expect mobile technology to help businesses improve efficiencies, reduce costs and provide better employee engagement that will benefit the very core of the business adopting it.

  • May 17, 2017

    Marketing Derby Event – How mobile apps will change the business world

    Greendog are proud to be hosting an event with Marketing Derby to help inspire businesses in how best to use mobile technology within their own companies. Do come along to hear about a range of technologies and case studies.

    Event Details
    06/06/2017 – 08:00 – 09:30
    Derby Universtiy Law School – Agard Street, Derby, DE1 1DZ

    How mobile apps will change the business world

    We’re all familiar how mobile apps are great to use personally, but now the business world can leverage this technology to make a real difference.

    With a range of real-world examples and experience from Greendog’s years of development, we’ll help you navigate the world of mobile app technology, helping you best understand how it can have a positive impact on your business.

    Join Adam and the Greendog team for a “Breakfast Appy Morning” to find out more about how Greendog has been designing and building apps to help businesses in the Retail, Manufacturing, Construction and Hospitality sectors. The morning has been designed to help inspire ideas and understand the range of technologies you can use within your business to help improve employee and customer engagement, reducing costs and streamlining operations.

    Continental breakfast, coffee and networking opportunities are from 8.00am with presentations from a range of businesses starting at 8.30am.

  • April 27, 2017

    Mobile Responsive Website Launch

    Debt Recovery from Flint Bishop Solicitors provide award winning debt recovery and prevention solutions to a wide range of large businesses across the country.

    Our core brief was to give the visual representation of the brand an overhaul, creating a high-end, corporate feel that presented the business in a truer light, reflecting expertise, professionalism and a forward-thinking modern approach to debt recovery.

    The fully mobile responsive website is built upon the WordPress platform and demonstrates modern use of slick web technologies combined with a fresh and clean layout

    Creatively the project has involved developing a new colour scheme for the brand, photoshoot with our photography partner Cactus Images and then working with the FB Debt team to source and collate other suitable imagery to display their services and skills.

  • January 1, 2017

    Predictions in Mobile for 2017

    Greendog’s CTO, Adam Civval, discusses in a recent interview with the University of Derby his thoughts on the next big thing to change the mobile technology sector in 2017 and beyond!

    If you’re thinking about how you can utilise Mobile Technology more in the coming year, we’ve put together a helpful guide with examples and an overview of how we can help plan, design and build an app to improve operational efficiencies for your business.